 AnandLagad.com provides IT as well as Digital Marketing services. On buying any of my commercial services, it will be assumed that you have agreed to the terms and conditions of this website (through which I will be providing my services).

 If you want to hire my services for IT and Digital marketing, you need to reach me via a phone or email address. The details are available on the contact me  page of this website. You can also contact me on social media like FB, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

 Any text, images, links on my website should not be copied by anyone without permission from me.

 Any information posted on the website and especially on the blog will be considered as an intellectual property of mine. You are not allowed to copy, modify and distribute the content in any form for any purpose. If you need to, then you must get my valid permission first.

 The opinions and perspective are my own. You may choose to agree or disagree with them. You can also provide constructive criticisms in the blog comment section. However, the approval or disapproval of any comment is my decision

 Visitors can subscribe to my blog notifications. Subscribing will instantly let you know whenever a content (or a blog post) is posted on to the site. Visitors who do not want to be notified can unsubscribe. The link for unsubscribing is usually inside the notification mail.

 You agree that upon visiting my website, your details like IP address and the demographic area can be known by analytics tools (which are of course available for general public). Such information is needed only to help us understanding user behavior. Such information will never be shared with any third party for any reason.

 Users are advised to know the cyber laws of their geographical area. If any sort of content of this website is deemed inappropriate in your region, then it is strongly suggested that you exit from this site immediately so as to avoid any cyber offense.

 Before starting any commercial work, you agree to pay a certain % (as mutually agreed upon between me and you) of monthly services. I reserve the right to refund or NOT to refund this token money in case you change your mind about hiring services from me.

 There can be changes in Terms and conditions at any point of time without prior notification and validation from anyone. You are advised to keep yourself aware of the changes.

 If you have signed a legal agreement (or legal document subjected to Indian Jurisdiction) for hiring my services for a certain duration, you are bound to pay the monthly fees (till the completion of duration or as specified in legal agreement) of my services irrespective you are willing to continue with me or not. In case there is a justifiable reason to not continue with my services, I may allow you to leave my services without paying further money.

 I may choose to halt my services of your projects in between if I have not received the payment of the next installment on the scheduled date.

 Any attempt to hack the site (or DDOSing the site), data scrapping of the site for any reason will be assumed as a criminal offense under Indian Penal Code.

 There could be situations which may lead to arguments or disagreements. During such moments, it is important that you conduct your conversations in a polite and civilized manner and refrain from abuse, threats or any sort of bad behavior. If I observe such behavior from your end, I may not reply you further until you comply with a civilized behavior.

 Although I try my level best to complete the work (work which is not bound by Legal Agreement) in given time interval, in case of unfortunate (or unexpected circumstances) there could be a delay in delivery of my services and products.

 Since I provide IT and Digital Marketing services, I may need websites login credentials, FTP login, and password and other important relevant details from your (i.e. client’s) end. If you are not able to provide those important details to me on time, my work could delay for your project. In that case, I will not be responsible at all since you must provide relevant details (as needed by me) so that work for your project keep going smoothly.

 All the sensitive details like site’s login credentials and owner name will always be safe with me and my team and will never be shared with any third party. However, if your website is deemed illegal or objectionable according to Indian law, then we may get an inquiry from government administrations like IT cell or Cyber Security. In that case, we will have no option other than to share relevant information as needed by them.

 Any dispute (if it arises) will be settled according to the legal constitution of Indian Government.

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