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What is the meaning of DE-MAT?

By Anand Lagad   June 27, 2020 Share Marketing

– DE-MAT stands for de-materializing. – De-Materializing is the process of converting possible physical things into electronic format. Example: Letter on paper is converted into the electronic mail. – In the share market, de-mat means converting physical share certificates into the electronic balance. And, – An account that holds your physical shares in an electronic …

What is the meaning of Shares / Stocks?

By Anand Lagad   June 27, 2020 Share Marketing

Many of the people who knows share market and how to buy or sell the shares but don’t know the meaning of shares. So let me tell you in easy words, – It is the form of security, that represents the ownership of, a part of the company. – Companies sell stock to raise funds, …


Indian Share Market Flow Chart-of Participants

Indian Share Market Participants

By Anand Lagad   June 6, 2020 Share Marketing

The organizations and people who are interacting with share market are considered as the Indian share market participants. INDIAN SHARE MARKET PARTICIPANTS: 1.SEBI SEBI is the very first and very important in Indian Share Market Participants. SEBI Stands for Securities and Exchange Board of India. It was established in 1988 and powers through the ‘SEBI …


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