 I Anand Lagad believes in providing Quality IT services to my clients. I am a passionate learner and loves what I do. In case, you are browsing my website for any reason, you are free to agree or disagree with the type of services that I am providing. However, under no circumstances can I be held responsible legally if you don’t like any particular thing related to the website such as information, pictures, comments, services etc.

 I try my best to give quotations (For my services) which are reasonable for the time and energy required to do it. However, just because I commit to any information (Like project time duration and its cost) in written form (like email, or any digital means) does not mean that it can’t be altered (unless we have signed a legal agreement subjected to Indian Jurisdiction).

 I reserve the right to use Analytics Tool on my website so that I can gauge the behavior of my visitors. This way I can make improvements on my website so that that conversation rate of my services increases. The sole reason for using analytics tool is just to understand my market niche and get more clients. Whatever information analytics tool (which are available in the market for the general public) provide, I cannot be blamed for gaining any information (no matter how sensitive it seems to you) through those tools.

 Any information, suggestion, criticism on this website are provided by me and visitors to help the clients (and other readers). However, there is no such thing as 100% surety in any scenario. The accuracy, reliability, and application of any of those mentioned above should be checked by the one who wants to implement it in any way. If the information is found incorrect (due to any reason), I will not be held responsible (neither legally nor morally).

 The Disclaimer Policy is subjected to change without prior notification or validation from anyone. The visitors browsing the website after the updating of the Disclaimer policy will be assumed to agree with the changed policies in it.

 Information related to the client such as email address, the phone number can be shared (if needed) with the third party for a commercial purpose. Although the data is always shared with reputable third parties under strict guidelines, in case the third party appears to do push marketing (which may seem inappropriate to many) through electronic means, I would not be responsible nor judged for such actions from them.

Affiliate Marketing Disclaimer

 Most of the information on this website is intended for providing help. Creating such information requires time and energy which is why you may find certain affiliate links on the website for generating profit (though you may prefer website without any links or advertisement).

 I try to advertise products (through links on the website) and any content which I find helpful to the people. By making a purchase from those links, I will receive a small compensation. I may or may not have any monetary association with those.

 Any sort of mishap (whether faulty product or failure in delivery) in buying products through my affiliate links will not come under my responsibility. I am advertising links of products which I truly find valuable. Just because you purchase any product through affiliate links on this website does not at all means that I will be responsible for their authenticity and their delivery to you.

Links Disclaimer

 You will find many links on the website which may or may not have any relevance to the content where you will find it. Links are provided so as to provide more information to the reader or to promote a product (affiliate marketing). These links can be used for monetary gains.

 The links (of other websites) should not be assumed associated with this website. You agree that this website is in no way responsible for the content (Image, textual or other links) shown on the referred websites and if anything illegal (or objectionable) is found on those websites then AnandLagad.com and its owner cannot be held responsible for any reason.

If you require any more information or have any questions about this website disclaimer, please feel free to contact me by email at andylagad@gmail.com.

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