 By visiting this website, the users can be assured that their information like IP address and mails (along with provided information like Number) will stay safe and will not be shared to the third parties for any reason.

 You can always interact with other people on my blog through blog comments. You can make blog comments without displaying your email address and even your name.

 Be assured of the Payment Gateway. The payment Gateways through which you will be required to make payment are completely safe and secure. The Payment Gateway is encrypted with complex keys which allows your payment details to remain anonymous (except for you and me).

 Every information that you will interact with my website will be protected to the best of my capabilities. However, in case of unexpected or unfortunate events like site hacking, server hacking or data scrapping, the data can get into the hands of other people who may have malicious intent. What those people do with this data will not come under my responsibility (legally or morally) in such cases.

 If you want to hire my services but worried about disclosing your personal info, then you can communicate easily to me through a fake email or skype id (but only for legitimate purpose).

 I reserve the right to share your personal information with the cyber authorities in case I feel stalked, threaten, abused or public humiliation (cyberbullying) by your communication.

 If you want to inquire about my services, you are free to use fake personal information. However, I strongly advise you to use your real identity for giving me payments in exchange for my services of IT and Digital Marketing.

 In case you are unwilling to pay me after I have delivered my services to you (signed by Legal Agreement initially), I have the right to pursue legal options which will require me to reveal your personal information to the legal authorities.

 The Privacy Policies are subjected to change at any moment of time without prior notification and validation. To stay aware of the changes is your responsibility.

 If you have any queries regarding the Privacy Policies of this website, you can always contact me. The details can be found on Contact Me Page of this website. Also, feel free to ping me through social media like FB, and LinkedIn etc.

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