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Top 10 Autoresponders In The World

By Anand Lagad   December 8, 2017 Affiliate Marketing


There are so many Autoresponders available on the internet. They differ with respect to their ease of use, features, and cost.
So comparing all of them and choosing the perfect one for our use is the time-consuming process.

So to help you out with this,

I have listed some of the autoresponders as top best autoresponders based their worldwide popularity (source:, amazing features and cost.


Before you read further I would like to request you to note down your basic requirements like,
-how many emails you want to send per month
-how many subscribers you want to use for email marketing
-is it necessary for you to make use of all the features of email automation systems? etc.




  1. Aweber Autoresponder
  2. Ontraport Autoresponder
  3. InfusionSoft Autoresponder
  4. Constant Contact Autoresponder
  5. SendX Autoresponder
  6. GetResponse Autoresponder
  7. SendGrid Autoresponder
  8. Sendinblue Autoresponder
  9. Mad Mini Autoresponder
  10. iContact Autoresponder

Top 1.  Aweber Autoresponder:

This is at the first position in top 10 autoresponders with respect to the worldwide popularity. This is the most trusted and mostly used autoresponder by top affiliate marketers. It has lots of useful features and it is the complete package of Email Automation System. I personally rank it #1 in all autoresponders.

Cost for 500 subscribers: $20/month (Unlimited Emails Sending)
Cost for 10k subscribers:  $69/month (send unlimited emails)



Top 2. Ontraport Autoresponder:

Ontraport Autoresponder is counted in costly autoresponders but it is less or near to the price of Infusionsoft Autoresponder. It is second in the top 10 autoresponders. It is not having a trial period but the good thing is that it is proving 90 days money back guarantee.

You should try trial versions of Infusionsoft Autoresponder and Ontraport Autoresponder and then only take the decision of going for highly paid autoresponders.

Cost for 1000 subscribers: $79/month (Unlimited Emails Sending)
Cost for  10,000 subscribers:  $297/month  (100,000 Emails Sending)



Top 3. InfusionSoft Autoresponder:

This autoresponder is at third place in top 10 autoresponders if you go with worldwide popularity. And the cost is too high if you compare it with any other autoresponder. Obviously, it provides more features than Mailchimp Autoresponder.

But, if you are a newbie to Email Marketing or Affiliate Marketing then I suggest going with less price and trustworthy autoresponders.

I found one small but the major bug while starting my demo with Infusionsoft autoresponder and that is, It is not allowing my personal mobile number in phone field. And that is the only reason I could not test the features Infusionsoft Autoresponder.

And Infusionsoft Autoresponder support team asks so many questions while you chat with them instead of just answering the question.

Cost for 500 subscribers:  $99/month (Unlimited Emails Sending)
Cost for 10k subscribers:  $274/month  (Can send unlimited emails)



Top 4. Constant Contact Autoresponder:

Constant Contact Autoresponder is at the fourth position in top 10 autoresponders in global rank of popularity. It has the features like Email Templates, Email Editing Tools, Social Media Marketing and so on..

Cost for 500 subscribers: $20/month (Unlimited Emails Sending)
Cost for 10k subscribers:  $95/month  (Can send unlimited emails)



Top 5. SendX Autoresponder:

It is fifth in the top 10 autoresponders.SendX is an autoresponder focused on providing an intuitive, feature-rich and affordable experience to business owners and marketers. SendX is known for enabling marketers and business owners with one of the simplest UIs in the industry.

One of their most talked about qualities is their excellent 24×7 live customer support, which ensures that you never get stuck and lose time over your Email Marketing efforts. All SendX plans come with an unlimited email sends. You can check out the detailed pricing by visiting the pricing page.

SendX start with a 14 days free trial.

Cost for 1000 subscribers:  $7.49/month  (Unlimited Emails)
Cost for 5k subscribers:  $29.99/month  (Unlimited Emails)


Top 6. GetResponse Autoresponder:

GetResponse is most favorite autoresponder for me. I experienced the great chat support with GetResponse Autoresponder.

This is at the sixth position in top 10 autoresponders if we go to global rank.

It is less in cost if we compare with top 6 autoresponders and it is mostly used by many online businesses and marketers.

If you are one step ahead of a newbie then you should prefer this one!


Cost for 1000 ( package for 500 is not available) subscribers:  $15/month (Unlimited Emails Sending)
Cost for 10k subscribers:  $65/month (Send unlimited emails)



Top 7. SendGrid Autoresponder:

This autoresponder is at seventh position in my top 10 autoresponders list. When I compared this autoresponder with MailChimp and GetResponse which are having the near about same pricing I found that it allows only 40,000 emails per month and it is not having the package for 500 subscribers.

I would like to suggest you that if you want to send only 40,000 emails per month then compare the features of MailChimp, GetResponse, Sendinblue, and SendGrid and pick up the best one for you! 🙂

Cost for 1000 subscribers: $9.95/month (40,000 Emails Sending)
Cost for 10k subscribers:  $19/month  (40,000 Emails Sending)



Top 8. Sendinblue Autoresponder:

Sendinblue is trying to provide limited emails per month with low price. It is at the eighth position in top 10 autoresponders in worldwide popularity. Sendinblue allowing to STORE UNLIMITED SUBSCRIBERS but you can not send unlimited emails per month unless you are having Enterprise Package from here.It is less in price when you compare it with SendGrid and you can store unlimited subscribers. But still, you should check the features and pick the best one.

Cost for unlimited subscribers: $7.37/month (40,000 Emails Sending)



Top 9. Mad Mimi Autoresponder:

Mad Mimi Autoresponder is trying to serve at very low cost with unlimited emails per month. It is low-cost autoresponder in top 10 autoresponders.

If you are looking for only low-cost autoresponder with unlimited emails per month then you can give a shot for the best one between GetResponse and Mad Mimi.

Please do not forget to look for features and support while picking the best one.

Cost for 1000 subscribers: $12/month (Unlimited Emails Sending)
Cost for  10,000 subscribers:  $42/month ( Send unlimited emails)



Top 10. iContact Autoresponder:

iContact Autoresponder is at the tenth position in worldwide popularity.And I see that there is NASA on the customer list of iContact Autoresponder.

It is providing up to 16 features for the list of 500 subscribers at $14/month.


Cost for 500 subscribers: $14/month (Emails Limit is not specified at their pricing, I consider Unlimited Emails Sending )
Cost for  10,000 subscribers:  $79/month (Can send unlimited emails)



Top 11. Benchmark Email Autoresponder:

Benchmark Autoresponder is serving over 500,000 companies. This autoresponder has listed more than 28 features for the basic plan.

Cost for 1000 subscribers: $20/month (Unlimited Emails Sending)
Cost for  10,000 subscribers:  $85/month (Send unlimited emails)

So this is the list of top 10 autoresponders with respect to the worldwide popularity. I would like to continue this list further because there are some autoresponders which may come into this list in the future.



Top 12. Campaign Monitor Autoresponder:

This autoresponder is not in top 10 autoresponders because it is not allowing to send even 3000 emails/month at $9/month.

Also, the support is via email if you select the plan of $29/month.But still, it is at the eleventh position in the top 15 autoresponders. And over 200,000 businesses are using this Campaign Monitor Autoresponder.

Cost for 500 subscribers: $9/month (2,500 Emails Sending)
Cost for  10,000 subscribers:  $89/month  (50,000 Emails Sending)



Top 13. MailChimp Autoresponder:

It is at thirteenth in the top 15 autoresponders if you go for worldwide popularity. It’s the best autoresponders for beginners. Also,It is free for very small businesses.

If you have a list of subscribers less than or equal to 2000 and sending up to 12000 emails per month then this is free autoresponder for you, give a shot for Mailchimp Autoresponder!

Cost for 500 subscribers:  $10/month  (Unlimited Emails)
Cost for 10k subscribers:  $75/month  (Can send unlimited emails)



Top 14. ActiveCampaign Autoresponder:

ActiveCampaign Autoresponder is at the fourteenth position with respect to the worldwide popularity in the list of autoresponders. This may be due to the cost and features of ActiveCampaign Autoresponder.

Cost for 500 subscribers: $15/month (Unlimited Emails Sending)
Cost for  10,000 subscribers:  $139/month  (Can send unlimited emails)



Top 15. VerticalResponse Autoresponder:

VerticalResponse is at the fifteenth position in worldwide popularity in top 15 autoresponders. The most interesting thing regarding VerticalResponse Autoresponder is that it is having 100,00,000+ customers and it is free where the need for email marketing is very less.

Means if you have only 300 contacts and wants to send only 4000 emails/month then it is completely free for you.

You can try it once if you have to choose other than MailChimp Autoresponder (suggesting in case of lifetime free use only).

One more thing… It gives 10,000 emails/month free for Non-profit Organizations.


Cost for 500 subscribers: $11/month (Unlimited Emails)

Cost for 10,000 subscribers:  Could not count on Pricing Page (maybe design bug).



Top 16. Sendlane Autoresponder:

This autoresponder is having ease of use but the main thing is that you will be charged $25/month if you have 900 subscribers!

Because it is not having a package for up to 1000 subscribers. That may be the reason for the sixteenth position for worldwide popularity rank in top 20 autoresponders in the world.


Cost for 500 subscribers: $9/month (Unlimited Emails )
Cost for  10,000 subscribers:  $89/month  (Unlimited Emails )



And the list continues…

Top 17. Streamsend Autoresponder.

Top 18. Mailrelay Autoresponder.

Top 19. Campaigner Autoresponder.

Top 20. 1shoppingcart Autoresponder.

Top 21. Autoresponseplus Autoresponder and the list continues… 😉



  • If you area big organization and need to send unlimited emails and have more than 10,000 subscribers then please make a contact with the support team of respective autoresponders.

Because, you should know exactly how the systems work and what kind of features will be provided to make your clients happy with the help of email marketing. Still, I would suggest Aweber, GetResponse, Benchmark Email and Ontraport.


  • If  2000 subscribers and sending up to 12000 emails/month then select MailChimp Autoresponder.


  • In case you wish to store unlimited subscribers and want to send up to 40000 emails/month then choose the Sendinblue Autoresponder.


  • If you want to send unlimited emails/month then choose the plan of 1000 subscribers because the plan of 500 subscribers is costly (see the MailChimp, GetResponse, Aweber and Mad Mini Autoresponders).


  • You will never get unlimited emails/month with unlimited subscribers at low cost.If any autoresponder is providing such feature then please beware of spamming!


  • Highly priced autoresponders are trying to provide you more automation features. Before purchasing any autoresponder please make use of demo or trial period and check the all possible features and technical support team.


  • See, There are some autoresponders which are not in the top 10 autoresponders due to their high price. But, such autoresponders may provide you more automation features.

So please don’t forget to see the features before making the choice.

I hope you have found the best one for you.
Please comment below regarding this information.


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