TOP 10 Affiliate Marketing Platforms In 2018 [Affiliate Networks]

TOP 10 Affiliate Marketing Platforms In 2020 [Affiliate Networks]

By Anand Lagad   February 22, 2020 Affiliate Marketing


Do you wish to make money online?

Want to have a source of passive income?

Then I guess, you are at the right place.


In this article (Top 10 affiliate marketing platforms in 2020),

I am going to share the best affiliate programs which will help kickstart your passive income dreams.


before listing the best affiliate programs,

let’s first discuss what affiliate is and why it will help you generate passive/extra income.


What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a sort of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by their(affiliate’s) marketing efforts.

In short, a percent-share of the profit is given by the company to those who bring a visitor or sale to the business.


Why become an affiliate?

“Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaire.” – Bo Bennett.


There are several reasons businesses use affiliate marketing and several benefits for an ordinary person to become an affiliate.


Here are some reasons you should become an affiliate:

• The cost of entry is zero.
• One can earn 24/7/365 by being an affiliate.
• Numerous bloggers, vloggers, and YouTubers make four/five figure using affiliate marketing.
• Based on your influence(on social media) and/or traffic(to your site, blog, app, pages, etc.), one can quickly earn money.

In conclusion,

now as you have reasons to join the affiliate army,

let’s move on to our list of  “Top 10 affiliate marketing platforms in 2020.



Top 10 affiliate marketing platforms in 2020:


To begin as an affiliate and start promoting others’ products, one has to share links(which are assigned individually).

Furthermore, one gets these links from a company directly or via affiliate marketing platforms.


here are the top 10 affiliate marketing platforms in no particular order:


1. JVZoo:


Top 10 affiliate marketing platforms in 2018

JVZoo is a popular affiliate network and a highly preferred “make money online” method.

One can easily and freely sign up as a seller or affiliate in JVZoo.

Based on one’s niche, a variety of promotable products are available in JVZoo.

Using JVZoo one can promote and earn in various niches such as Business/Finance,






Health/Fitness, and many more.

Once one generates an affiliate link and share it, one can track real-time statistics and get instant sales notifications.

And eventually, once a successful sale is made, the affiliate is shown the amount he/she made from the sale.

The amount one makes will be transferred via PayPal within a given period of time.

Once can make up to 100% in commission using JVZoo.

Hence, if you are starting as an affiliate, JVZoo is an option to go with.



2. Amazon Associates:

Top 10 affiliate marketing platforms in 2020

Similar to its brand name(Amazon), Amazon associates is the most heard of affiliate networks ever.

As you might have guessed, it lets you/affiliate promote products available on Amazon.

And therefore, this makes it the best affiliate network when it comes to the range of physical products because almost every product is available on Amazon.

The only ‘sort of’ sad thing about this is that the percent-cut from Amazon is low compared to other affiliate networks I have listed in this “Top 10 affiliate marketing platforms in 2020.”

Amazon gives up to 15% of the product’s value.

But on the other hand, given its wide variety of products, it is still a goto and comfortable option for beginners.

Hence, at last, it’s your personal choice.



3. ClickBank:

Top 10 affiliate marketing platforms in 2020

ClickBank is a global internet retailer with more than 2 crore or 20,000,000 customers.

This affiliate network too has been around for about 18 years and has built itself as one of the industry leading giants.

With over 6 million products and 200 million customers worldwide, Clickbank is an option I personally vouch for.

Consequently, you should try it out too.



4. TemplateMonster:

Whatever your expertise lies, becoming a TemplateMonster Affiliate partner is the lowest hanging fruit.

In fact, a digital marketplace offers one of the most reliable ways to earn 30% commission on promoting its top-notch digital products.

Website templates, CMS templates, tons of plugins and assets, just find your niche and start making money.

It’s easy to get started.

Variety of eye-catching banners, referral links and buttons will help you promote products like a pro.

Get the word out and make 10% commission anytime every further purchase made.

Finally, the better you promote, the more money you can earn.  



5. Shareasale:

Top 10 affiliate marketing platforms in 2020

Started in 2000, Shareasale is a popular and high paying affiliate network.

Many bloggers and affiliate marketers make 4-figures every month using Shareasale, and you can do it as well.

There are various products/services you can start promoting right away and make money online.

Some of the niches you can start with are Technology, Blogging, Clothing and fashion, Food and fitness, Dating, Books publishing, weddings, etc.

Shareasale provides Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Lead both types of programs. Few programs pay 2 Tier commission too.

Hence, Shareasale is an option you should try to make bucks online.


6. eBay affiliate:

Top 10 affiliate marketing platforms in 2020

“eBay” has to be the second most heard name after Amazon.

Similar to Amazon, it is quite a preferred affiliate network for beginners.

There is nothing much to say about it because it is same as that of Amazon, but it deals with promoting products on eBay.

Therefore, if you are looking to advertise eBay products and makeup to 12% in commission, eBay affiliate is the place you start your career as an affiliate marketer.



7. JVShare:

Top 10 affiliate marketing platforms in 2018

JVShare is another popular affiliate network in blogger and internet marketing community. It is a highly fancied affiliate network because it provides hottest products to sell and pay up to 100% in commission.

Hence, if you are looking for any such affiliate network, JVShare is where you begin.


8. CJ affiliates:

Top 10 affiliate marketing platforms in 2020

CJ affiliates, formerly known as commission junction, is the first affiliate network I heard of apart from Amazon’s.

Started a year after Rakuten in 1998, CJ affiliates is a real treat.

The amount of categories one can choose from this network is stunning. CJ affiliates is the network with most types of products/service after Amazon’s and eBay’s affiliate network.


In conclusion, if you are looking for sound payout affiliate network which has broad categories of product/service to promote, CJ affiliates is the answer.



9. Revenuewire:

Top 10 affiliate marketing platforms in 2020

Revenuewire has grown tremendously given its age of only a decade. It is almost half the age of its nearest competitors and then also it never misses to crack the top affiliate networks list.

With CPC, CPS, CPL, CPI, and Revenue share payout methods, Revenuewire has attracted an enormous number of online marketers as well as advertisers.

And that’s why a variety of products/services are available for us to promote. So, don’t think twice, and begin with Revenuewire.


10. Shopify:

Top 10 affiliate marketing platforms in 2020

This one might not be in the top 10 list, but I have kept it because one can earn tremendous amount with fewer sales.

Here’s precisely what they have written on their site for affiliates like us:

“Make industry-leading commission! Earn the first two months of a customer’s paid subscription fee (200% bounty) for every new Shopify merchant that you refer — up to $598 on standard plans. Earn 100% bounty on our enterprise plan which pays $2,000 for new Shopify Plus referrals.”

Hence, if you are looking to gain more with a micro-micro niche, then this is your option.




To conclude this list of


“Top 10 affiliate marketing platforms in 2020”


I would like to say that,

” If you look it from my perspective, then every affiliate network is best.”

If I were you, I would try every affiliate network and check which affiliate network works best in context of blog visitors or social media followers.

So, I would encourage you to start as an affiliate marketer with any of the given networks.


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