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By Anand Lagad February 8, 2018


Do you have a website for your business?

Are you aware of  how crucial it is to have a website for your business to thrive?

Do you have any idea about website developers and the services they offer?



You might be wondering:

We do have a well-appointed corporate building in our city, what is the purpose of having a website then?


Read this:

Nearly 50% of small businesses do not have a website.


49% of them say their business does not need a business because:

• They don’t understand the purpose of having a website
• Some believe it is time- consuming, expensive and complex
• Few are doing their work well without it.


Now, look:

“Running a business without a website is like a man without a face. “

It’s been years that the world has entirely changed and we are living in the “internet” and “mobile” era where everything is available at the fingertips.


It’s a different world today.

Even your customers like to get desired information quickly and effortlessly.


Thus, a “faceless” business today seems like an old-school tale.


A website is complex and time-consuming is just a deadly deception.

Practicing the traditional marketing in a fast-paced world of information technology is an obstacle to your progress.

It restricts your spread and thus weakens your customer-base. Not having a website is a proof that you are far behind your competitors.



And now here’s the good part:

You can still give them a tough competition and beat them even if you get your Website developed today!



A Website is an online platform that offers detailed information about your business – what is your business about, services your offer, your location, contact details, that too, 24*7.

It prevents your customers to wait for the office hours to contact you for the information or services they need.

Moreover, unlike the door-to-door marketing, a website helps you get in touch with people globally that can possibly be converted into your customers later.


Time to know about website development:

Website development is developing or getting your website developed by a professional web developer who is fathomed with the intricacies of this field and have a good experience in it.


Web development demands fluency to flaunt your website in style, which is a must to work like a charm.


And here’s where you’ll need website development services and the best web developer in India like me!


Customized Web Application Development:

Specialized in web development and relevant aspects,

I am a web developer who offers static and dynamic web development services based on the specification and needs of your business.

I am the professional web developer who can develop quality websites using various technologies such as

PHP, .NET, JAVA, JS, JQUERY, CSS3, HTML, Angular JS, Node JS etc. and so on.


The websites I design comprise of:
• A clear structure,
• Intuitive site architecture and navigation
• visual clues
• Easily recognizable links to guide users to find what they are looking for.


Websites developed here are the result of a combination with server-side programming offering functionalities, which are able to effectively and efficiently interact with users, connect to the back-end databases, and generate optimal results to the browsers.


My web development service pool is huge and you might find it confusing.


So, let’s break it as down,


Magento Development:

Magento is an effective platform that helps develop e-stores with increased flexibility and user-friendliness.


WordPress Development:

If you want your website to offer lots of information to your customers, WordPress is the right platform for you. I offer WordPress web development services to cater to your Content management (CMS) needs.


Drupal Development:

Drupal web development provides complete customization to your website. This open-source platform is search-engine friendly, secure and highly affordable.


Joomla Development:

To develop a highly optimized website, Joomla is an idol platform. An award-winning CMS, it works well with multiple languages and offers the complete freedom to edit, modify, delete images and content easily.

And guess what:

Even a non-technical person like you can use it!


Custom Development:

Here, I’ll work entirely as per your needs. Under the custom web development services, customers get complete flexibility to specify their needs and picks. I’ll just work according to your instructions.

This is an option for those who are fathomed with web development.


E-Commerce Development:

Want to be as big as Amazon and Flipkart? With the e-commerce web development, I can build a mobile-centric web application for supporting your e-commerce business to deliver incredible facility on-the-go to the customers.


Final Words:

I am passionate about developing a web presence that stands out ahead for my clients and helps their business grow.

Hence, being a freelance web developer at the same time, I understand the complexities of running and managing a business.

With my efficient web development services, I assure you a website that will help you cut down your efforts to a great extent.

Usability of the website, functionality of the website, and flexibility in the navigation  are the key verticals I focus on while creating an exceptional online identity for you.


When I do this:
I win over clients’ satisfaction and trust on me!


And here’s the Deal:

If you want to step into the digital world with a strong and impressive web presence, get your website developed by one of the best web developers in India.

Write to me or give a call!



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