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By Anand Lagad February 8, 2018


There’s this famous saying which goes like,

“The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google.”


as an SEO service provider and expert, I understand the genuine truth to this internet-marketing-proverb.


Do you know how many people go past page one of Google search results for a given keyword?.


Think for a moment.

Let me make it simple for you.


How many times have you(as a person) gone beyond page one for searching specific information?


…Negligible times!  Right?

And, so does everyone else.

In fact,

Academic research indicates that more than 90% of people searching on the internet do not go past page one of SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

And, this is the where you/your brand needs me.


I am an SEO expert and SEO service provider from Pune, India. And my job is to give best-in-class & affordable SEO services.



Now, before we move further and I start my pitch, let me explain to you what SEO is.


What is SEO?


Prior to giving some generic definition of SEO,

let’s make it clear that neither of the sites you ever visited via search engine miraculously appeared there.
Depending on the competition, every link you clicked on SERP has a lot of dedication to it.

There are around 200 known-factors on which the most vital search engine (i.e., Google) decides the rank of a website for a given keyword.

Hence, one has to keep all the significant factors in mind and build a site for a positive ROI of an online business.

And, here’s where SEO comes in the picture.


“Building a website without on-page SEO and off-page SEO is like building a road without directions.”


SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization.


Search engine optimization, as the name suggests means to optimize the content of the website in such a manner that the site shows up in the top results of the SERP.

Now, as you know or have a glimpse of what SEO is;let’s move towards what kind of SEO service provider and consultant I am.


Services I offer as an on-page and off-page SEO service provider:


I have been in online marketing community for quite a while now.

And, as a professional, I have acquired & implemented almost everything to bring my client’s online business on top pages of Google and other search engines by providing quality off-page SEO service as well as on-page SEO service at affordable rates.


As an SEO consultant, My job is to ensure that your website is visible in top SERPs.

Keeping every acknowledged factors and SEO tactics in mind, I will do search engine optimization of your online business.


Additionally, as an SEO expert as well as an SEO service provider, I use specific optimization techniques and strategies for better SEO landing pages, User-friendliness, and most importantly optimize it according to Google’s machine-learning Artificial intelligence system, Rank Brain.


Some of the techniques/services:

To ensure a constant search engine ranking and traffic growth, here are some of the off-page SEO & on-page SEO services I will render:


1. Quality content:


“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.” – Wendy Piersall


Content is the king.This Bill Gates’ quote pretty much sums up everything. But, there’s more to it.


Not only “content” but “quality content” is the king.


And I am are here to secure those “quality content” needs.


With a team of expert & experienced writer, I will provide SEO-friendly, keyword optimized, and quality content which user admires. And, but obviously, Google treasures.

In short, you can rely on my on-page SEO expertise because Interesting and Informative content with on-page SEO is what I aim for.


2. Social media sharing:


If you have ever been in SEO or digital marketing, you know the value of social signals.

“Social signals” is one of the most prioritized off-page SEO factors and undoubtedly worth leveraging.


Naturally, the quality content I provide will pull visitors to share your website with potential customers.


But, additionally, I am going to amplify it. As a part of my SEO consultant service, increasing the number of social media shares on every known platform like facebook, twitter, Reddit, Tumblr, Pinterest, Google plus, etc. is my responsibility.


In short, this means that the pressure of one of the highly prioritized factors of off-page SEO is on shoulders of an SEO expert residing in Pune. i.e., me!


3. Keywords:


The keyword is the most critical part of any SEO research & optimization.


In layman’s term, a keyword is a phrase around which content is built and something that people search for.


To sum up, a keyword is a linchpin between the phrases people search for and the content you provide.


As an SEO service provider and consultant; I make sure to build relevant content based on keyword (long-tail or short-tail). The service involved with keywords essentially includes things like keyword research, competition analysis, LSI keywords, etc.


All the analysis eventually results in a suitably structured content which search engines adore. Plus, ask any real on-page SEO expert, and they will reply “that’s what we want!”


4. Images & Videos:


“A picture is worth a thousand word.”

Leveraging images, videos, GIFs, etc. like graphic content certainly decreases the bounce rate. And, bounce rate inevitably is an important on-page SEO factor for better authority.


Besides, graphical content keeps people interested and make them want to re-visit your site. Hence, adding an appropriate amount of images and videos is necessary.


And, therefore, as an SEO service provider,


I make certain to use quality images and relevant videos to keep visitors entertained.


Additionally, pictures will also show up in Google image search results too, which is a plus point.


In addition to all the above services I will provide,other SEO services like backlinks, page speed, responsive-design, etc. will be taken care of.


Wrapping up, I would like to say that if you are interested in my expertise and looking for good quality and affordable SEO service provider, make sure to contact me.


I look forward to building a lifetime business relation with you. And, It is of utmost importance to me that every client I have is a happy client.



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