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Graphic Design Service

By Anand Lagad February 8, 2018


Graphic design, in general, is an art of combining text and pictures for advertisement, books, or magazines. And I, as a graphic design freelancer provide all the related services.

To give a better context; I am a graphic designer based out of Pune, India. With my creative, innovative, and unique graphics designing skills, I tend to renovate and improve your brand.

Before telling you about the innovative designs I provide or the varieties of the services, Let me open with why you need a graphic designer


Why graphic designer?

“Design is the silent ambassador for your brand.” -Paul Rand.

I am providing Graphic design service as a freelancer for a while now. And as a result, I precisely understand why a brand(small or large) needs a Graphic designer.

Graphic design is a means of visual communication. Graphic design can convey enormous value concerning social, economic, cultural, and aesthetic messages(in visual form).

In short,

Graphic design is the most effective medium of communication (especially digitally)  period.

And as I said before, graphics designing is an art.

But not everyone is an artist.

That means, from a creativity point of view a brand/company/individual either needs graphics designing skills or a graphic design freelancer/service-provider like me.


having a graphic design freelancer unquestionably saves the most important asset, i.e., time.

Now, as you are fully aware of your graphic design needs, let’s move to


“Why you should hire me as a graphic design freelancer.”


Why me as a graphic design freelancer?
As discussed earlier, I am a graphic designer from Pune, India. And I provide a variety of creative and unique graphic designing services such as follows:



“An even large company needs a small logo.”– Tanner Christensen.

Logo, consciously or unconsciously, represents your brand. A logo, as a whole, is made of different elements of the brand which on completion becomes your brand identity. Every color, every shade, every arrow, and every font used behind logo can increase or decrease the brand-value of any organization or individual.

Let’s look at this whole “logo thing” from an individual’s perspective. When someone sees a tick mark on a shoe, they most likely will think of Nike.

Let’s take another example:

If  “A”  is used as a logo; for a person, the design and color describe the brand. Because  “A”  can represent numerous brands like Amazon, Adobe, Axis Bank, etc.
Hence, as a graphic design freelancer, I provide logo designing service.

My service as a logo designer is to create a unique, creative, and contextual logo which will represent your brand for ages.



As a graphic design freelancer, I provide raster to vector image service.

To give you a brief idea about this service, let me first explain the difference between Raster and Vector.

Raster images are those image which we click with our cameras/smartphones or download from the internet. The picture we click, as you know, on zooming gets blurrier, and at a certain point, even pixels are visible. This images which on scaling-up becomes blurrier are Raster images or Bitmap images. Raster images cannot be used for quality-editing or designing purposes.

Vector images, on the other hand, are infinitely scalable. Due to mathematical functions, when scaled-up vector images tend to be of same quality. Hence can be used in various applications.
And as a graphic design service provider, I will do these job for you. I will convert regular images, i.e., JPEG or JPG files into an editable vector file, i.e., Illustrator file or EPS Photoshop file.



With social media sites like Pinterest, infographics have caught the attention of end consumer.

Infographics are a visual representation of data and information which are intended to represent complex data more simply and easily.

As a graphic designer and experienced Infographic chart maker, I will implement quality infographics.
With my infographics design, the tendency of your brand getting shared will increase which will eventually raise brand awareness and reach. As a graphic design freelancer, audience-engaging infographics is what I provide.



From schools/colleges to professional life, use of powerpoint presentation is an obligation. Especially in the corporate world, a powerpoint presentation is of enormous value.
With expertise in effective powerpoint presentations, I will provide corporate-level PPTs for your brand. As a part of my service, I will outline, create content, and produce relevant graphics for your presentation.



Apart from above services; As a graphic design freelancer,

I offer following services too:

• Banner design
• Flyer design
• Brochure design
• Notebook cover design
• Movie poster design
• Letterhead design
• Invitation card design
• Business card design
• Powerpoint design
• 3D design
• Photoshop design
• T-shirt Design
• Packaging design
• Poster design
• Advertisement design
• Catalogue Design
• Envelope Design
• Magazine Design
• Sticker Design, and many more.



Now, obviously, you know that I provide a wide-range of services in Graphics designing.


if you are interested in tools/software I use to develop graphic designs or are looking for a graphic design freelancer based on the expertise of specific tool; Here they are:

• Adobe Illustrator
• Corel Draw
• Adobe Photoshop
• and many more.

In conclusion,

if you are interested in any of the above services, feel free to contact me.


Especially, if you are looking for a graphic designer from Pune, I am your man. And most importantly, if you are looking for creative, productive, and innovative/idea-generating mind with the ability to design images and graphics, make sure to contact me.



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