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By Anand Lagad February 8, 2018


“Business has only two functions: Marketing and Innovation.”

This Peter Drucker’ quote is pretty accurate.


when it comes to market, innovation makes you apart from the crowd(which creates a selling point) and marketing amplifies the product/service based on that selling point.



innovation is something that entirely depends on you and your brand.



marketing is something of which you can calm down because of me (Keep reading to know “WHY”).


I am a digital marketer based out of Pune, India providing the best digital marketing service for quite a while now.


With my expertise and experience, I intend to build your business using the power of the internet.


Before getting into details of my services,

let’s make it crystal-clear that¬† “Why you should be interested in digital marketing.”


Why Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing certainly is not a new term (if kept in context).

It’s been around for about two decades now. The evolution of the digital marketing has unquestionably been an awesome ride in the history of the internet and is still unstoppable.

As of 2017, there are more than 3.5 billion internet users worldwide which means that half of the world’s population uses the internet.

Moreover, most of them are using social media sites/apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

This implies that the attention of people is on social media which can be leveraged using digital marketing.

Now, I guess, you are clear about the “Why” portion of using digital marketing.

So, let me answer “Why me.”


Why should you hire me as a digital marketer?


“Digital marketing” or “Internet marketing” surely isn’t a hard skill to learn.

One can learn digital marketing concepts if given an ample amount of time.


But, mastering as the best digital marketer is not everyone’s cup of tea.


And, here’s the place where you need me.


As I wrote above, I am a digital marketer based out of Pune providing the best digital marketing service.

Moreover, I take pride saying that. After learning and experiencing the A-to-Z of digital marketing, I am able to say that I am an expert in providing the best digital marketing service.

With my expertise, I intend to grow your business.


As a digital marketer;

I will build your brand value as well as sales using different digital marketing techniques.






Email or SMS is the most common way to influence people on one to one basis.

As a part of my digital marketing service, I will send appropriate Emails and SMS which will help mostly in direct sales.

Sending contextual emails and SMSes for B2B as well as B2C customers is something I am qualified for.




To keep lead generation in a simple language, it can be compared with a magnet.

In digital marketing, Lead generation simply means attracting a stranger to become a potential customer to a customer and eventually a life-long customer.

One can generate leads using different methods such as landing pages, CTA(Call to Action), Offers, Affiliates, etc. and as a digital marketer, this is exactly what I will do for your brand using tried and true techniques.




When it comes to internet marketing, for me as a digital marketer, Facebook is inevitably a go-to platform. Facebook marketing is one the most attention arbitrage internet marketing.

With reportedly more than 2 billion active users, Facebook is “the social media” to market a product/service, especially in the B2C environment.

As I am a digital marketer my service will unquestionably include a portion of Facebook marketing.

With proper targeting, lead generation, and offers; I will market your products/service on Facebook and generate an incredible ROI.




SEO is entirely different service from my side.

But, when it comes to digital marketing, SEO is something one must not forget.

If you haven’t heard what SEO is, it simply means using specific techniques to rank on search engines such as Google.

As a part of digital marketing service in the context of SEO;

I provide link building services, article submission services, content generation and marketing services, etc.


To know more about it make sure to visit the

“Search Engine Optimization Service(SEO)”¬† page.




If we were to talk about digital marketing, there are many micros as well as macro things to consider.

Apart from individual services mentioned above, different campaigns (known as SMAC or Social Media Advertising Campaign) will be done from my side.

Attractive flyers and banners will be advertised to the potential-customer places as part of digital marketing service.

Banner retargeting and many other concepts will be used in order to generate an impeccable ROI of your business.


Wrapping up,

I would like to say that if you are a company/individual looking to market digitally, close your eyes and contact me.



if you are looking for digital marketing service in Pune, make sure to contact me.



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